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Brand-new Brunswick County Gator Senior Games & SilverArts sponsored event to be held in the Fall, featuring open play of the following sanctioned events:  basketball shooting, cornhole, football throw. Will also include lunch and free raffle giveaways.  Free and open to anyone age 50+ with RSVP (call 910-253-2670) by 10/21. 

--DATE:  Thursday, October 27, 2022-RSVP required by 10/21

--START TIME:  11:00 am

--LOCATION:  Town Creek Park/Town Creek Park Community Building 

--INCLEMENT WEATHER PLAN:  Rain or shine! Event will be moved into TC Community Building and will only include cornhole, lunch, and giveaways.   

--TIMELINE:  Event will begin at 11:00 am with open play of all 3 events, lunch will be served inside at approximately 12 pm, open play will continue after lunch for as long as participants wish to play.  Raffle tickets will be given at participant check-in and tickets for giveaways will be drawn throughout the event. 

2022 Literary Arts     


1st Place - "The Sound" by Julie Arciszewski

2nd Place -  "Just a Life" by Dave Rogers

3rd Place -  "How Vital Is Worship" by Laura Vaughan


Life Experience

1st Place - "The Gardenia Plant” by Elizabeth Lewis

2nd Place - "The Intervention” by Eric Mens

3rd Place - "The Triathlon” by Elizabeth Lewis

 "Microcosm to Macrocosm" by Janet Meuwissen

“Avocados” by Ronald Cohen



1st Place - "If You See My Son Don’t Shoot” by Beatrice Flythe

2nd Place - "Whose Name Must We Call” by Beatrice Flythe

3rd Place - "The Dark Side of the Light” by Laura Vaughan


Short Story

1st Place - "The Road To Mill Lake" by Julie Arciszewski

2nd Place -      "Unopened"  by Jeanne Mullins

3rd Place - "A New Lease On Life" by Eric Mens

“The Silent Violin” by Patricia Dischino

“The Contestant" by Janet Meuwissen

“Coyote Kisses” by Jeanne Mullins


Brunswick County Gator Senior Games and SilverArts is much more than friendly competition in athletics and arts.  People 50 and over can participate, stay active, renew old skills, learn new ones and exercise a positive outlook on life.   It is a fun and healthy approach to keeping the body, mind and spirit fit while enjoying the company of friends, family, spectators and volunteers.  You can choose from over 80 events to compete in including golf, bowling, swimming, bocce, table tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, walking, horseshoes and pickleball. 
  SilverArts Follies Show
Brunswick County Gator Senior Games also offers competition in SilverArts, which includes all heritage, literary, visual and performing arts.  Qualifiers in Brunswick County Gator Senior Games are invited to compete each Fall in the North Carolina State Finals.  Brunswick County Gator Senior Games is sanctioned by North Carolina Senior Games and one of 54 local Senior Games offered state wide by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services.   For more information on NC Senior Games, visit
To see complete information and all events to choose from please check out the information flyer below.  If you would like to speak to someone about this program please call Khrystye Haselden at 910-253-2677 or email her at

Forms & Documents

  2022 Complete Entry Packet BC Gator Senior Games and SilverArts
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  2022 Senior Games & SilverArts Informational Flyer
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  A New Lease On Life
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  Coyote Kisses
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  How Vital is Worship
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  If You See My Son Don't Shoot
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  Microcosm to Macrocosm
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  The Contestant
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  The Dark Side of the Light
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  The Intervention
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  Whose Name Must We Call
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