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2024 Gator Senior and SilverArts.
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1st PLACE: Mike Dolan “Field of Dreams

2nd PLACE: Curtis Holbrook Broken Wing- A Story of Survival”           

3rd PLACE:  Paul Jefferson On Apologies”                      

LIFE EXPERIENCE                              

1st PLACE:  Dan BruneauScared Straight”                   

 2nd PLACE:  Eric Mens Conquering the Dark               

 3rd PLACE:  Ken Formalarie Henri Belanger   


Beatrice Flythe Little Snips of My Cross Country Trip”                           

Janet MeuwissenA Whole New World”                          

Daniel  Bruneau A Close Call                           

Janet Stiegler Sharp Edges, Invisible Scars”   

Dave RogersWho Am I?”        


1st PLACE:  Ken Formalarie Borrowed Time                              

2nd PLACE:  Ken Greenman "Sharp Shinned Hawk                         

3rd PLACE:  Domini Boling Beautiful Things Happen in the Rain


Beatrice FlytheGod's Creation

Ken Greenman What Happens Next”               

              SHORT STORY                                      

1st PLACE:  Dan Bruneau The Journey and the Destination”                     

2nd PLACE:  Janet Meuwissen Soulmates” 

3rd PLACE:  Janet Stiegler “Sister-Ship              


Eric Mens “My Great Escape”                

Dan Bruneau “Shared Secret

Brunswick County Gator Senior Games and SilverArts is much more than friendly competition in athletics and arts.  People 50 and over can participate, stay active, renew old skills, learn new ones and exercise a positive outlook on life.   It is a fun and healthy approach to keeping the body, mind and spirit fit while enjoying the company of friends, family, spectators and volunteers.  You can choose from over 80 events to compete in including golf, bowling, swimming, bocce, table tennis, basketball, shuffleboard, walking, horseshoes and pickleball. 
Brunswick County Gator Senior Games also offers competition in SilverArts, which includes all heritage, literary, visual and performing arts.  Qualifiers in Brunswick County Gator Senior Games are invited to compete each Fall in the North Carolina State Finals.  Brunswick County Gator Senior Games is sanctioned by North Carolina Senior Games and one of 54 local Senior Games offered state wide by the NC Division of Aging and Adult Services.   For more information on NC Senior Games, visit
To see complete information and all events to choose from please check out the information flyer below.  If you would like to speak to someone about this program please call Khrystye Haselden at 910-253-2677 or email her at

Forms & Documents

  A Close Call
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  A Whole New World
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  Beautiful Things Happen in the Rain
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  Borrowed Time
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  Broken Wing-A Story of Survival
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  Conquering the Dark
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  Field of Dreams
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  God's Creation
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  Henri Belanger
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  Little Snips of My Cross Country Trip
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  My Great Escape
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  On Apologies
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  Scared Straight
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  Shared Secret
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  Sharp Edges, Invisible Scars
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  Sharp Shinned Hawk
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  The Journey and the Destination
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  What Happens Next
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  Who Am I
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